In Indonesia, when you establish a company with foreign capital, the procedures at BPKM (Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board) and multiple ministries are required. However, the negative list and the operation of each ministry change periodically. In addition, customers are unable to start business activities in Indonesia if their actual business contents are different with business plan approved by BPKM. This problem might have occurred because of insufficient communication with customers.

Our experts, who have extensive experience in establishing Japanese companies and representative offices in Indonesia, can help our clients to establish companies and start business activities in Indonesia quickly and efficiently.

|Main services
  • Establishment of a foreign-invested company
  • Establishment of a domestic-funded company
  • Establishment of representative office

Once a corporation or representative office is established in Indonesia, they need local Indonesian employees who perform monthly/annual tax reporting and accounting tasks. However, it is difficult to find highly qualified personnel with accounting background to handle tax filing and monthly closing of financial results and communicate smoothly in-house with Japanese managers/directors at the same time. In addition, even if you entrust those tasks to a local accounting firm in Indonesia, there are many people who feel uneasy because they cannot communicate well with the actual person in charge when they want to confirm things or when they want to convey  intention of the head office.

For such customers, through various services, Japanese or Indonesian experts will provide thorough support.

We prepare financial statements (income statement and balance sheet) on a monthly basis to grasp the company’s business performance and financial condition in a timely manner, process financial results and prepare financial statements on behalf of the company, act as tax filing agent, and create consolidated packages.

Support for calculation of the monthly tax payment amount generated from the salary income of expatriates and employees,  calculation of the salary amount itself, including overtime allowance, etc., if desired, and preparation of personal income tax declaration for expatriates in Indonesia.

Our accounting staff will review your financial statements and tax returns to ensure they are properly prepared and submit reports in both Japanese and English. In the event of a change or retirement of a customer’s accounting manager, we will provide temporary assistance, which our staff will in charge of accounting duties and preparation of tax return for proper financial statements and tax returns.


Japanese and Indonesian accountants, tax consultants, and other professional will support various accounting and tax needs of Japanese companies in Indonesia.

| Main Services

    • Support for introduction of accounting system and construction of Support for introduction of accounting system and construction of cost accounting accuracy We will provide consulting on introduction and operation of accounting system or cost accounting system at your company.
    • Accounting and tax Advisor
      Japanese certified public accountants can provide advice in Japanese regarding various accounting and tax issues that arise at local subsidiaries in Indonesia.
    • Tax Audit Support
      Our Indonesian tax accountants will be involved in all aspects of the process, by checking the items and documents that are likely to be pointed out in the tax investigation in application of a refund or others, attending the tax investigation, negotiating with the tax officer, checking the validity of the items pointed out.
    • Transfer Pricing Documentation Support

Indonesian companies with certain transactions are required to prepare transfer pricing documents. We can help you create, translate, and review master files and local files that make up transfer pricing documents.

    • Financial and Tax Due Diligence
      We will assist you in drafting M&A and reorganization schemes, investigating financial and legal information for calculation of acquisition price of the target company, and resolving accounting, tax, and legal issues that arise after the M&A.

Foreign companies established in Indonesia are required to take annual audit regardless of size of the company. In cooperation with our partner audit firms and Japanese certified public accountants, we will try to answer requests of our customers as much as possible, conduct audits that meet the requirements of Indonesian authorities and listed Japanese parent companies, report on appropriate audit contents, and submit audit reports.


Since our establishment, we have provided support to many Japanese companies in Indonesia regarding legal procedures, and our experienced Indonesian and Japanese staffs have provided the following services.

| Main Services

  • Residence Permit (ITAS) / Working Permit / Renewal/ Whitdrawal / Updates
    • Visa obtaining (single business Visa, etc)
    • Company Establisment

    > Company Liquidation

    > Renewal of company legal documents (Manpower Report, etc.)

    • Representative Office Establishment and other legal arrangements
    • Support for Corporate Organization Change Procedures such as:

    > Business expansion
    > Capital increase and capital decrease
    > Change of directors and/or Commissioners
    > Change of shareholders
    > Acquisition procedures
    > general meeting of shareholders
    > Employment Agreement
    > Company Regulation
    > etc.

While we are interacting with many Japanese companies in Indonesia and public institutions such as local governments in Japan, we receive various requests. Our experienced bilingual staffs will support your business operations in Indonesia as much as possible.

| Main Services

  • Translation and interpretation services
  • Local government support services

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We provide a free private consulting on business launch in Indonesia. Please contact us by phone or via internet.

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