Japan has established mutually beneficial relations in economics, cultural, politics, and diplomatic fields with Indonesia which has the largest population in Southeast Asia, abundant natural resources, and young workforce. The great number of Japanese manufcturing companies, mainly on electric equipment and automotive, have entered into Indonesia.

Recently, the number of service industry companies targeting the consumer market in Indonesia is also increasing. Now the investment amount of Japanese companies, the number of companies entering the market, and the number of resident corporations are steadily increasing.

Based on our extensive experience in Southeast Asia and Indonesia, we will provide support for the mid-long term business continuity and expansion in Indonesia and Japan, regardless of size, business content, and overseas business experience of the company. We are also focusing on services for clients’ head office in Japan which have already entered into the Indonesia market and are having issues with management of their Indonesian business or international taxation in Japan. Please feel free to contact us.

Representative of Asia Alliance Partner Group
President Director of PT. AAP Consulting Indonesia
Susumu Kitsunai, Japanese Certified Public Accountant

Since our establishment in Thailand in 2004, we have provided support for overseas expansion and business operations of a large number of Japanese companies based in Asia. In October 2011, we established PT. AAP Consulting Indonesia as our group’s 4th local subsidiary based in Indonesia. Indonesia has the largest consumer market in Southeast Asia with a population of more than 2 billion and has been actively entered by Japanese manufacturing and service industries, such as the automotive industry, to respond to a wide range of consumer needs. Understanding of Indonesian company law and accounting standards is necessary and also important to understand the difference between Indonesian and Japanese rules or practices. We are confident in our latest achievements in every region that will be a great force for success of the business of new and existing customers.

Our office is presided over by Japanese CPA and our office in Indonesia (Jakarta) is stationed by Japanese CPA, lawyers, and other professionals.

Services without Japanese experts might not be able to gain a sufficient understanding of customer needs and risks. Therefore, we offer services by Japanese experts in Japanese language.

Our certified public accountants and other experts regularly return to Japan to handle accounting, tax and legal affairs in Japan. Experts who have already experienced business in Indonesia will have consultations in Japan with customers who are considering expansion into Indonesia in the future and meetings with their parent companies (management departments, etc.) which have already expanded into Indonesia. We provide face-to-face service of local experts.

Our office provides one-stop services including consultation before business launch, agency for procedures of entering the market, monthly annual accounting and tax agency after business expansion, statutory audit, legal affairs, etc.

In addition to accounting, tax, and legal affairs, we have a wide range of support systems including M & A advisory services.

If you have any problems related to Indonesia, please feel free to contact us.


At the stage of considering expansion into Indonesia, we will provide sufficient advice on business contents, foreign capital regulations, capital structure, etc. and support you to start your activities in Indonesia in the shortest possible time.

We will prepare monthly annual financial statements and tax returns (corporate tax, VAT, withholding tax), perform payroll calculations accurately and in a timely manner, grasp management status, and support office work.

We will support and review in-house financial settlement, accounting procedures, tax returns, and accounting reports in Japanese. 



Our Japanese and Indonesian experts will support the various accounting and tax needs of Japanese companies in Indonesia.



Japanese and Indonesian certified public accountants with rich experience in auditing in Japan and local areas will handle problems in accordance with size and needs of a parent company in Japan or a local subsidiary.

Our experienced Japanese and Indonesian experts will assist you with visa, work permit applications, and corporate legal procedures.


Our experienced bilingual staffs will support your business operations in Indonesia as much as possible.



We provide a free private consulting on business launch in Indonesia. Please contact us by phone or via internet.

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